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Vitamin E

Vitamin E Injection 100 ML

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Vitamin E-Se  Injection 100 ML


Each 1 ml contains:

Vitamin E                        80 mg

Sodium selenite           1.6 mg



Prophylactic indications:

-  On farms in known selenium-deficient soil areas.

-  When diets low in vitamin E are fed, e.g. diets containing high levels of moist stored grain or maize silage.

-  On farms where there is a history of vitamin E and/or selenium deficiency, as may be indicated by poor breeding performance, excessive transport stress, or nutritional muscular dystrophy (in young animals on turning out to grass).

-  To provide extra vitamin E during periods of heavy work-load (horses).


Therapeutic indications:

For the treatment of the various manifestations of nutritional muscular dystrophy (white muscle disease, nutritional myopathy) affecting cardiac and/or skeletal muscles, and associated symptoms.


Dosage and administration 

For administration by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection in cattle and sheep, and by intramuscular injection in the horse.



Adult animals:

Prophylaxis                      1 ml per 27 kg bodyweight

                                           One injection at intervals of 3 months.


Treatment                         1 ml per 16 kg bodyweight

                                           Injections may be repeated at weekly intervals if necessary.


Horses                               Up to 37.5 ml

Cattle                                Up to 28 ml

Sheep                                Up to 9.4 ml


Young animals:

Foals and calves                    3.75 – 9.4 ml

Lambs                               0.9 – 5.6 ml