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VITAMIN – C (25%)

VITAMIN – C (25%)

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COMPOSITION: Each gm contains: Vitamin C 250 mg


Exerts a stimulant action on the defensive mechanism of the body and increases resistance to infections.

Protects laying flocks producing eggs with defective shells due to drinking salty water.

Activates metabolism and the build – up of skeletal tissues thus maintains their normal functions and provides anti-stress influence.

Facilitates absorption and the utmost utilization of iron, calcium and other nutrients.

Reduces the toxic effects of fungi and other diseases through its oxidizing – reducing and anti – haemorrhagic action.

Has a positive effect on sperms production.



Increment of reproductive performance in both males and females of different animals.

Improves quality, fertility and hatchability rates, and increases the egg-production .

Secures good performance ,increases growth rate ,the final body weight, meat and milk production.

In hot days, it combats anorexia and increases feed and water intake.

Stress conditions due to vaccination, debeaking, transporting, rehousing, changes of feed and weather.

Increases the body resistance against infections and the immune response.

Improves feed efficiency, increases the meat and table-eggs production and the hardness of the egg-shell.

For Fishes: It increases survival potency, growth, fertility and hatchability.

For bees: Activates vitality and performance.


DOSAGE Dose  Duration 
Poultry  100 gm / 200 Lt.water Via Feed: 1 kg / ton 5-7 days
Calves, Foals, Sheep, Goats 1 gm / 30 kg B. wt.daily   7 days
Cattle, Horses, Camels 10 gm / animal daily 7 days
Fishes 1 kg / ton of feed 3 days
Bees 5 gm / litre of syrup 7 days

STORAGE: Keep in a dry, dark place below 25 ºC. PACKING: (100,