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roundworm medication

Piperazine Citrate 360g Animal Anthelmintic for cattle & other pets 100g powder

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Water Soluble Powder
The safe and effective antelminitic against intestinal Round warms
Composition : each gm contains: Piperazine Citrate 360 mg
Properties :
Has a Wide margin of safety , it can be used for young or pregnant animals .
Excellent efficacy against different species of intestinal nematodes "round worms " in poultry, ruminants, equines,rabbits,dogs and cats.
Indications : 
Treatment and control of ascaridiosis due to intestinal nematodes "round worms ' such as : 
Ascaridia, Capillaria,Oxyuris, Strongylides ,Oesophagostomum etc ... , in poultry and other domestic animals .
Dosage : given with drinking water 
  • Plultry: "Treatment duration for 2 successive days"
        (0.8) gm per bird daily.
        (32 mg activity / kg body wt.)
        (8-10 sachets of 100 gm per 1000 birds daily.
        OR (0.8-1) kg per 1000 birds daily .
        (given with drinking water )
  • Sheep, Goats , Cattle , Camels , Equines:
  • 0.8 gm per kg body wt. given as oral drench after dissolving with proper quantity of water 
  • (110 mg activity / kg body wt.)
  • Rabbits:
        0.5-0.8 gm per kg body wt.
        (70-105 mg activity /kg body wt)
  • Dogs , Cats :
        0.35-0.5 gm per kg body wt.
        (45-65 mg activity /kg body wt.)
  • Repeat treatment after 4-6 weeks for one day.
        Safety period : For meat consumption: 2 days
                                For eggs , milk consumption: 7 days
        Storage : keep in a dry , dark place below 30 C
        Packing : (100,250,500,1000)gm