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LELEEN Meneral

Erythromycin Water Soluble Powder for Chickens & Turkeys

Order Organic LELEEN Meneral Erythromycin Powder for Chickens and Poultry for respiratory infection treatment such as coryne, coli, Pasteurella mycoplasma pneumococci, Haemophilus Erysipelothrix! Each gm LELEEN Meneral contains 55.1 mg of Erythromycin thiocyanate. It is widely used to treat chest infections, such as pneumonia, skin problems in poultry.

(Erythromycin Water Soluble Powder) Properties:

Erythromycin, a macrolide antibiotic is safe and highly active against GM+ ve and GM-ve bacteria such as staph, strept, coryne, coli ,Pasteurella, mycoplasma, pneumococci, Haemophilus, Erysipelothrix, etc

For prevention and treatment of CRD, Coryza, Mycoplasmosis Infectious sinusitis Air succulitis, infectious synovitis Vibrionic hepatitis.
Supportive treatment in cases of respiratory viral diseases and clostridial infections
Stress conditions due to vaccination debeaking transporting rehousing changes of feed and weather


  • Treatment: 454 gm per 200 Liters of drinking water for 5 days
  • Prevention: 227 gm per 200 liters of drinking water for 5 days

Safety Period :

  • For meat Consumption : 3 days
  • For eggs Consumption: 2 days

Storage: Keep in a dry, dark place below 30 C

Packing: 227 GM