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Levamisole and Oxyclozanide


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Composition :Each Ml Contains:

Levamisole HCL 30MG

Oxyclozanide 60MG


*oxyclozanide removes practically all flukes (Fasciola spp.) present in the bile ducts.

*Levamisole is the racemic mixture of optical isomers of tetramisole.

Levamisole removes mature and developing immature stages of wide range of nematodes and is highly effective against the following species:

*In the abomasum: Haemonchus Ostertagia and Trichostrongylus spp.

*In the intestines : Trichostrongylus , Cooperia , Nematodirus Oesophagostomum, Chabertia and Bunostomum.

*In the Lungs : Dictyocaulus spp. including inhibited D . viviparus larvae.



For the treatment and control of parasitic gastro-enteritis, verminous bronchitis and liver  flukes infestation.

Bunostomum, Chabertia, Strongyloides, Oesophagostomum.

*Lung Worms: Dictyocaulus spp.

*Tape worms: Moniezia spp

*Liver flukes: fasciola spp.


Dosage: shake well before use.

Sheep,Dogs , Goats, Cattle: 2.5Ml per 10 Kg B.WT

(7.5 mg Levamizole HCl / Kg b. wt. ,15mg oxyclozanide / kg b. wt)

Safety period:

*For meat consumption :18 days

*For milk consumption : 3 days



*can be given to young pregnant and lactating animals.

*Animals can be treated with organophosphorous insecticides after 14 days of the anthelmintic drenching.



Keep in a dry dark place below 30 c

Keep out of reach of children 

Packing 1000 ML