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magnesium powder

Maxative 200G

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Each 1 g contains:

Light Magnesium Carbonate              1,000 mg



- Cases of simple indigestion (Dyspepsia) and digestive upsets.

- As a detoxicant in cases of pastures’poisoning or feeding on rotten, poisonous plants or highly fermented grains.

- As a laxative and anti-flatulent in cases of constipation, grains over–feeding and impaction.

- As an antacid in cases of rumeno-reticular lactic acidosis, and gastric hyperacidity (sour stomach).

- As an adjunct in treatment of gastric ulceration.

- Cases of poisoning with acids or other acidic substances.

- As a source of Magnesium for preventive purposes against hypo-magnesaemia (Grass tetany).


Dosage And Administration

Given as a drench or via stomach tube.

Mix thoroughly with water, and shake well before application.


Cattle, Camels and Equines:

100 - 150 g / head with 1-2 liters of drinking water.


Calves, Sheep and Goats:

40 g / head with 0.5 - 1 liter of drinking water.


Dogs and Cats:

5 - 10 g with sufficient amount of water.

As antacid, it is best given between meals and at night -time to dogs and cats.



1 g / Rabbit given with water.


-  As a preventive source of Magnesium against Grass tetany:

It is given with feed at rate of (15) gm daily / Sheep, Goat or Calf, and (60) gm daily / Cattle, during the period of risk.

-  As a carminative and antacid:

Sodium Bicarbonate (1.5 gm per 10 kg bodyweight) may be added to the Light Magnesium Carbonate dose.



Emetics should not be used in case of poisoning with acids.


Withdrawal Time


Milk: 12 hours.



Store in a dark and dry place below 30oC.