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ins, Minerals For Poultry & Livestock


Each gm contains:

Vitamin A 8,000 I.U.

Vitamin D3 1,500 I.U.

Vitamin E 1 I.U.

Vitamin K3 2.50 mg

Vitamin B1 0.60 mg

Vitamin B2 0.75 mg

Vitamin B6 0.25 mg

Vitamin B12(5%) 0.20 mg

Folic acid 0.06 mg

Nicotinic acid 6 mg

Calcium-D-pantothenate 4 mg

Ferrous sulphate 0.50 mg

Manganese sulphate 0.40 mg

Zinc sulphate 0.15 mg

Copper sulphate 0.04 mg

Cobalt chloride 0.01 mg



Hypovitaminosis and minerals deficiency.

Stress conditions due to vaccination, debeaking, transporting, rehousing, changes of feed and weather.

Cases of perosis (slipped tendon).

Maintains good performance and increases the production.

Improvement of feed conversion, productivity, the growth, fertility and hatchability rates, good feathering and flesh development.

Enhancement of better rearing results.

Helps in producing high eggs-quality, and bright, strong egg-shells.

Increase of viability and resistance against diseases.

Effective in cases of caged-layers fatigue.



Duration for (3-5) days. Poultry: 100 gm per 200 litres of drinking water.

Calves, Foals, (Weaners),Sheep, Goats: 2-4 gm per animal daily and orally with water.

Calves, Foals, (Suckling),lambs, kids: 2 gm per animal daily and orally with water.

Cattle, Camels, Equines: 10-15 gm per animal daily and orally with water.

Via the feed: 1-1.5 kg per ton.

STORAGE: Keep in a dry, dark place below 25 ºC. PACKING: (100, 250, 500, 1000) GM.