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Pneumonia treatment

GEnt 100 MG

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Each 1 ml contains :

Gentamicin ( as sulphate )     100 mg



Used in case of urogenital, respiratory, skin, tissue, uteru  and gastro-intestinal infections, caused by micro-organisms, susceptible to Gentamicin.

Horses,foals,cattle,calves, sheep, goats, dogs and cats :

Septicemia, Respiratory infections (Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Bronchopneumonia, Tonsillitis, Tracheitis), Gastro-intestinal infections (Coli-enteritis of calves, Enteritis,Gastritis, Peritonitis), Urinary tract Infections (Nephritis, Pyelitis, Pyelonephritis,Urethritis, Urocytitis), Arthritis, Polyarthritis, Meningitis, Mastitis, Metritis,Dermatitis of dogs .

Dosage And Administration

Administered  by Intramuscular  or intravenous  injection.


- Horses, foals ,cattle,calves, sheep and goats: 1 ml per 25 kg  bodyweight.

- Dogs and cats : 0.5 ml per 5 kg bodyweight.


These dosages preferably to be given twice on the first day, and  

afterwards once daily.


For intra-uterine application for horses during oestrus:

Acute Metritis  :5 ml  daily, during 3-5 days.

Chronic Metritis:20-25 ml  daily, during 3-5 days.


For intra-uterine application for cows:

2 ml once, diluted with 16 ml of an isotonic saline (0.9%) solution.



Hypersensitivity to Aminoglycoside antibiotics, renal dysfunctions, vestibular,ear, or visual dysfunctions.

-Combinations with potential nephrotoxic or muscle paralysing medicines .

Withdrawal Time

- Animals meat should not be used during treatment and within 7 days from the last treatment.

- Animals milk should not be used during treatment and within 3 days from the last treatment.

- Injection-site and kidneys should not be used for human consumption during treatment and within 45 days from the last treatment.


Store in dry and dark place at temperature below 30 oC .