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What is colistin nebulizer

colistin nebulizer What is colistin nebulizer

What is colistin nebulizer, pregnancy is one of the important periods in a woman’s life, but it is one of the most dangerous periods because of any damage to a pregnant woman due to the use of drugs, cosmetics, or other causes birth defects of the fetus or neural tube problems?


Women often use a number of things, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair sprays, in order to fix hair or detangle, but in a recent study conducted in France, I discovered the risks of using hair sprays for pregnant women


Damage to using hair sprays during pregnancy:


A recent study in France revealed the existence of links between the chemicals in hair sprays and the pathology that affects fetuses, especially males.


The scientific study was published where the researchers discovered that the use of hair sprays and some types of colored shampoo for hair causes the appearance of birth defects for the fetus called Hypospadias, which is a disease that affects the period of urination in a place other than the location in the penis, the results of the research showed that this condition increases when Male births and the condition is on the increase.


One of the scientific hypotheses presented in the research indicates that the chemicals used in the manufacture of these products interact with male hormones, which makes them affect the development of male organs, especially in the first three months of the formation of pregnancy, which is one of the very sensitive periods in the fetus’s age and formation.


It is worth noting that there are a number of cases at a rate of 1500 surgeries every year to correct this defect, and one person out of 250 suffers in this case, but it is constantly increasing due to the frequent use of shampoos and dyes that contain ammonia and other chemicals and these studies support previous studies The children of male hairdressers are the most vulnerable to this injury, followed by those who use hair sprays regularly.


How to take care of the health of a pregnant woman:


The pregnancy period is one of the very vital periods of the woman’s life. It is necessary to take care of every day and moment for the mother because this reflects on the health of the fetus and affects it. The woman often loves to take care of herself and her beauty because of what she is exposed to from pregnancy depression, but this affects the health of the baby, so it should not be used. Any of the chemical cosmetics because they affect the health of the fetus:


1- When acne appears on the face and skin, you should consult a specialist to give you a treatment suitable for pregnancy and does not affect the health of the fetus.


2- The woman is exposed to dehydration during pregnancy. She must have moisturizing creams. It is preferable to replace that with yogurt and honey to moisturize the skin twice a week to moisturize the skin. There is no need to use chemical creams, with attention to internal moisturizing by drinking juices, drinks, and water from 2-3 liters of water per day.


3- The woman often suffers from insomnia and sleep disorders, so it is preferable to eat yellsun before bed and take an adequate amount of sleep and rest, or drink a cup of warm milk before bed so that you can regain your activities and vitality.


4- Starch suffers from hair loss, so they care about hairdressing and buying cosmetic products, which affects the health of the fetus. Hair can be taken care of by taking vitamin A in vegetables and fruits to help produce collagen, thus improving hair follicles and taking care of cutting damaged hair or hair ends every 40 days. On hair regeneration.

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