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What is Bluetongue disease

Bluetongue disease What is Bluetongue disease

What is Bluetongue disease, Sheep's or bluetongue disease is a non-contagious disease caused by a virus?


Where more than 24 viral bumps were counted. This disease mainly affects sheep, goats, cows, camels, and wild ruminants. In general, the clinical signs of this disease appear only in sheep.


This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes spp. Culicids, in particular Culicids macula in Morocco.


Symptoms of Bluetongue disease

Among the most important symptoms of this disease are high temperature, inflammation, ulceration, erosion and necrosis of the oral mucosa, swelling and sometimes blueness of the tongue, lameness due to inflammation of the crown of the foot or inflammation of the foot and muscles.


This disease can cause a miscarriage, it can lead to death within 8 to 10 days, or slow healing accompanied by shedding of wool, sterility, and growth retardation.


Bluetongue Disease Fight Program

The strategy adopted to combat the blue tongue is centered on three basic elements:


  • The intensive vaccination of sheep against the stumbling blocks of the virus circulating in the country (1 and 4).
  • Health management of declared disease foci.
  • Vector control in mosquito breeding sites.
  • Watch for symptoms of disease in animals.


After the outbreak of the disease for the first time in 2004, sheep vaccination campaigns were launched (Al-Awtrah 4 in 2004, then Al-A`trah 1 and 4 in 2006) in the vulnerable areas, especially the northern part of the country. In 2008, the vaccination campaign covered all parts of the Kingdom, with the participation of specialized veterinary doctors assigned.


Bluetongue disease treatment

On the other hand, the management of foci of this disease depends on taking the following health measures:


  • Isolation of animals on infected farms.
  • Isolate sick animals.
  • Prohibition of movement of animals to and from the affected estates.
  • Insect control and disinfection of sick estates.
  • Vaccination of sensitive sheep and flocks is relevant to the foci
  • The partial slaughter of affected animals.

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