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What is a good farm?

good farm What is a good farm

What is a good farm, poultry is an important source of nutritional values, as it contains protein and mineral salts, as well as the benefit of its production of eggs, in addition to its cheap price compared to meat, so it is of great importance to citizens in general and to the people of the center of Dishna, north of Qena, especially.


Poultry raising is a profitable enterprise, whether it is a small farm, at home, or on large areas in large farms.


Therefore, we were keen to provide you with the specifications that must be followed to establish small poultry farms and the most important instructions that must be adhered to to ensure safety and achieve satisfactory profits, according to Engineer Faisal Fawy, Director of the Agricultural Services Advisory Office in Dishna.


What equipment needed for poultry farms

The establishment of a successful poultry farm requires some important specifications as follows:


  • To be far from the urban space by a distance of approximately 500 meters or kilometers.
  • It should be well ventilated, contain cooling cells during the summer and a heating center during the winter season.
  • Buildings are of white or milky bricks, and in the case of concrete or refractory bricks, the walls must be painted from the outside with white lime, because it works on the reflection of light, or with clay because it acts as thermal insulation.
  • The height of the walls ranges from 280 cm to 3 meters, provided that the roof of the farm is made of plaster, and plastic bags or fabric curtains are spread over it and a layer of clay mixed with straw is placed 10 cm thick.
  • It is preferable for the farm floor to be cement, and the walls from the inside with cement, 50 cm high.
  • Provide the necessary "water tanks, cooling cells, heating radiators, hoods, vaccination dishes, and waterers" according to the size of the farm and the number of chicks that will be raised.
  • Continuous monitoring of poultry, adherence to vaccinations and medicines, and provision of the necessary feed according to the number of chicks.


Alone on the farm

Understand the skills and capabilities required to set up a poultry farm. Raising poultry is demanding and requires practical experience and knowledge, aside from being very patient and able to work long hours.


Being a beginner requires you to work to acquire the skills, provide capabilities, and have the ambition necessary to be able to establish your farm fully aware of what it takes.


You need to be willing to work long hours, including holidays, early in the morning, and possibly late at night. Also, be prepared to make the physical effort to feed and care for poultry, and to do regular cleaning and shoveling.


How to clean farms from insects

You have to be prepared for the disruption of seasonal revenue, as earnings depend on the time the chickens lay eggs, as well as your skills in marketing and selling poultry production of meat and eggs.


This means that profits may be very small during your first year as a poultry farmer, and you may have to wait a year or two to get actual profits from the farm.


Poultry farming requires you to be patient and accept the setbacks and mistakes of your start. That you work in subsequent stages to confront these errors and fix them yourself and rely on your capabilities as a productive person.


Farm establishment costs:

This includes the cost of equipment, feed, poultry nests, and the cost of poultry. Keep in mind the farm's insurance premiums, and you may also add in labor costs if you hire workers or employees to help you with the farm business.


Farm revenue:

It is intended to know the expected profits of the farm. To ensure that you earn periodic income and profit from the farm, you must determine the profit you want to collect monthly.


Financing. To ensure the success of your farm, you will need some financing or capital. You can get financing through a savings account, borrowing money from a business partner or family member, or/or grants or loans from government agencies.


You will need cash from another source of income, such as part-time work or other agricultural activities, to pay the costs of the farm and continue to operate it.


How to disinfect farm animals from bugs

An alternative crisis plan. Crises are commonplace for farmers, bad weather or an emergency season this year could lower profits.


You must have a backup plan for emergencies to ensure that you will survive a difficult year or when conditions go wrong.


When should the farm be checked for vaccines

Identify changes that can be made to save money and maintain business stability during times of crisis.


You can also create a long-term plan for farm succession, such as writing a will, in the event of a fatal accident.

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