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What can I do about my cat in heat

cat heat cat in heat

Is your cat suffering from a high temperature than normal? In this article, we tell you the causes, signs, and symptoms of a fever in cats, how to treat a high temperature in cats, and care for a cat with a fever.


The normal temperature in cats


The only way to determine the cat's temperature is to measure its temperature, and the normal temperature in cats ranges between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius, and fever occurs in cats when temperatures rise above 39 degrees Celsius, and although a fever may be useful in fighting disease, However, a fever over 41 ° C can damage organs.


Call the emergency vet right away if your cat is experiencing a high temperature.


How do I know if my cat has a fever?

Diseases that cause a fever in cats can also cause certain behaviors that allow cats to conserve the energy needed to produce the fever needed to fight disease, and a fever fights disease by stimulating the immune system and slowing the growth of bacteria and viruses.


Signs and symptoms of a fever or high temperature in cats include:

  • Lack of energy or activity.
  • Decreased rate of drinking water.
  • Reduced rate of cleaning the cat himself
  • Shivering or rapid breathing.


Causes of overheating in cats

An increase in the body temperature above the normal range in cats may occur due to the presence in a warm or very hot environment, or due to increased muscle activity, as for fever occurs due to the activation of the immune system and the body's attempt to diseases such as:

  • A bacterial, viral, or fungal infection.
  • Injury from trauma.
  • some medicine. Diseases such as lupus.


Treating a high temperature in cats

Cats showing signs of fever of more than 24 hours or a fever over 41 ° C need to see a veterinarian near me, as the emergency vet performs tests to determine the source of the fever and high temperature, and takes steps to treat the underlying problem after diagnosis.


If a bacterial infection, for example, is the source of a cat's high temperature, for example, antibiotics may be needed, and moderate or severe dehydration associated with a high temperature is treated with intravenous or subcutaneous fluid administration.


How to care for a cat with a fever

Your cat will need rest and a nutritious, calorie-rich diet to fully recover, and it is normal for appetite to be affected while the body is overheated. If your cat cannot eat solids, you will need to ask a veterinarian near me to recommend alternatives, such as high-calorie liquid supplements Heat, until your cat feels healthy and can eat normally again.

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