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The treating methods of poultry diseases

The treating methods of poultry diseases


The poultry breeding is the most common breeding activity among people. This is because that chickens are a great source of protein. The chicken meat is more cheaper than beef, so many people of bad financial conditions buy chickens and breed it to get their eggs and meats.

The word poultry includes chickens, ducks, and turkeys. The chicken is the most fowl which are bred in many countries. Therefore, the humans are exposed to infection by some infectious chickens diseases.

We are going to list some of most common chicken diseases and its treating methods.


●    Salmonella Disease

This disease is caused by bacterial effect. The chickens are infected by these bacteria by ingestion of food contaminated by other chickens excrement. This excrement contains the bacteria causing this disease. The bacteria goes into the digestive system of the chicken, and affect it negatively. The symptoms are: loss of appetite, bad egg quality, and reduced growth rate.


The treatment

  1. The infected chickens should be separated from the non-infected ones.
  2. Cleaning of the chicken coop, and sterilization of it.
  3. Sterilization of eggs, cleaning it regularly.


●    Newcastle Disease

This veterinary disease happens due to some types of virus, that cause problems to the poultry especially chickens. This disease infects fowls by breathing air contaminated with this virus. It could also infect birds by contacting between infected birds and non-infected ones. The symptoms are: straining, irritations in bird nody, hard breathing, twisting of the neck, and reduction of egg production.



There is no special treatment for this veterinary disease, but it can be prevented by:

  1. Good cleaning and sterilization of the chicken coop.
  2. Sterilization of tools used with them.
  3. Usage of some antibiotics to treat prevent any bacterial infection.
  4. Elimination of infected fowls quickly.


●    Chickenpox Disease

It is one of the chicken diseases, which is occurred by some virus effects. This disease infects birds either by contaminated wounds, or by insects bites. The symptoms are: red and black spots spread over the body.



Using of chickenpox vaccine for about 12 weeks.


●    Fungal Toxin Disease

This veterinary disease infects chickens by eating contaminated feeds, or badly stored feeds. The bad storing conditions may cause some fungi growing in the feeds. This fungi cause toxining for the chickens affecting their health. The symptoms are: lack of appetite, straining, and reduction of egg quality.



  1. Usage of some antibiotics to overcome these fungal problems.
  2. Making sure of good storing condition of the feeds. The feed should stored away from heat and humidity.


●    Bird Flu Disease

This a common disease infects chickens by effect of some types of viruses. This disease can infects humans. The chickens infection occurs by contacting with infected birds. Also breathing non-sterilized air. The symptoms are: laziness, hard breathing, reduced egg production, and mucus mixed with blood running out of the nose.



  1. Separation between infected chickens and non-infected ones.
  2. Cleaning and sterilization of the chicken coop and eggs.
  3. Using some recommended vaccines.



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