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The chickens breeding method

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The chickens breeding method

chickens breeding


The chickens are considered the most fowl that are bred in many countries. This is because they are a good source for animal proteins.

There are some conditions associated with chickens breeding. These conditions should be applied correctly to maintain the chicken health, and to make sure the good quality of chicken meat and health.

Before talking about the way of chicken breeding, we will mention some of the chicken breeding advantages.


Chicken breeding advantages


●    Having a fresh healthy chicken meat

The breeding of chicken inside houses quarantines that there are chemicals used. Therefore, the chickens will be in good health, and their meat will be rich in high nutritions value.


●    Having fresh chicken eggs

The egg you get from the bred chickens in your home is more healthy than eggs bought from the market. This is because the chickens feeds in your home are served by yourself.


●    Cleaning of your garden

When you breed some chickens in your home, you should leave them in the garden freely to get fresh air, and to pick up some worms in your garden. This action is considered as cleaning for your garden.


●    The low cost of chicken breeding

The breeding of chicken is cheaper than breeding any other animal. This is because of the low cost of their feeds. And this also saves your money from buying any other meats from the market.


The method of chicken breeding

●    Choosing the suitable place for the chickens

When you buy some chicks, you have to prepare the right place for them to stay. This place should be warm enough. The temperature for chicks in their first weeks after birth is a necessary factor. The place should also ventilated well, to allow these little chicks to get fresh air. When these chicks get older, the staying place should be changed. It must be bigger and its temperature should be moderate.

●    Taking care of the chicken feeds and water

The little chicks should be fed carely, because they cannot eat anything. When they get older, you add other foods to the list of your chickens, for example, you can feed them the remains of your family food. You can feed them vegetables peels, hard bread, and any other food remains. But make sure that this food is cleaned and not polluted.

●    Cleaning the chicken coop regularly

One of the most things that causes problems to chickens' health is cleaning the chicken coop. When you serve the chicken food everyday, make sure to clean the place well and sterilize it. This regular cleaning process prevents any bacterial or virus infection. The sterilization process keeps the air cleaned for breathing. So, reduces the chances of infection by air.

●    Providing medical care

It is important to know more poultry diseases and how to treat it. So you can take the precautions required for infection prevention. In extreme cases of some diseases, you will need a veterinarian doctor. Do not forget to sterilize yourself well, because some chicken diseases are infectious.



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