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News — What is neomycin

What is neomycin

neomycin What is neomycin

What is neomycin

What is neomycin, It is known that this medicine is an antibiotic that fights all types of bacteria in all areas of the body.   Indications for the use of neomycin Neomycin is used to prevent bacterial infection during surgery. It is also used to reduce symptoms of hepatic coma. Eliminate bacteria that infect the body.   Important advice before taking neomycin You should not take neomycin if you are allergic to neomycin or to similar antibiotics such as amikacin (Amikin), gentamicin (Jaramycin), kanamycin (Centrex), paromomycin (Humatin, Puromycin), streptomycin, or tobramycin. Doctors say that patients who suffer from the colon,...

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