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Pets common diseases

Pets common diseases what is Pets common diseases

Pets common diseases, Keeping pets is not completely safe. Pets are able to transmit infection with dangerous diseases that may affect life, especially in the case of children, pregnant women, the elderly, as well as patients with weak immunity.


When a person is exposed to a scratch or wound from an animal or a bite, or an animal touches human food or mixes with some feces or saliva, he becomes infected with many diseases such as Lyme disease and other diseases that may end a person’s life if he is not aware of them.


The most important diseases transmitted through animals:



One of the diseases that are transmitted through pets, like the germs that cause disease spread in the air and may remain for months in the air without shelter, which makes it easier for animals to quickly catch the infection and become carriers of the germs that cause alopecia disease and its transmission to humans.


Among the symptoms that appear on animals are wounds scattered in his skin and the appearance of different areas devoid of hair and with a red line, and when it is transmitted to the human, there are some symptoms that appear on him, the most important of which is the appearance of some red spots in different places of the skin in a circular shape.


treatment :

A person applies an anti-fungal ointment or cream, which can be obtained without a prescription in pharmacies, and one should not forget to treat the pet and to prevent infection and its spread, sheets and sheets should be washed with boiled water twice a month and not shared with other pet owners.



One of the most common diseases that afflict cats, as it is transmitted to small cats through contaminated milk from the mother, and it is transmitted to large cats by eating an animal from rodents.


This worm is easily transmitted to humans and infects thousands of people annually. It may cause blindness if not treated and the worm is eliminated.


Among the symptoms that appear on the animal are vomiting, nausea, the appearance of blood with the stool, as well as the presence of worms in the stool and cough, and among the symptoms that appear on the person is nausea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and blood with stool.


treatment :

Antiparasitic tablets are taken as well as for animals, and spices and sour foods such as ginger, olives, and garlic should be eaten because they have the ability to eliminate roundworms, hands should be washed well and disinfected after cleaning the place of animals or feeding them.



One of the most common parasites that infect dogs as it feeds on what the intestines absorb inside the dogs and may lead to bleeding that destroys the dog, especially if it is young, and the worm's eggs are transmitted from the dog's feces to the person if he touches the skin or bare feet.


Among the symptoms that affect animals are vomiting and weight loss. In the human case, the symptoms do not appear quickly, but among the most important are nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, rash, cough, and loss of appetite.


treatment :

Parasite tablets are taken, as well as treating animals with an anti-parasite medicine, and dog droppings should be kept away and disposed of away.

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