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Newcastle disease in birds

Newcastle disease Newcastle disease in birds

Newcastle disease in birds, Newcastle disease is a viral disease that affects many types of poultry, wild birds, and ornamental birds.


 In chickens when infected with a low pathogen, this may result in slight or absent clinical symptoms and little or no mortality.


In young chickens, when infected with a moderate pathogen, respiratory symptoms with accompanying nervous symptoms may occur, or some respiratory symptoms and high mortality may occur.


In the white adult chickens, a clear and sudden decrease in egg production may be observed, accompanied by slight clinical symptoms or their disappearance, with little or no mortality.


Newcastle disease in birds

In chickens, infection with highly pathogenic Newcastle disease is characterized by the short-term occurrence of disease with severe respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, and paralysis, followed by the death of most of the infected chickens.


Newcastle virus clamps the red blood cells of many birds and the clumping property is characteristic of this virus and the work of the clumping inhibition test is important and useful in diagnosing this virus and in assessing the immunity of the vaccinated chicks by using the clumping inhibition test.


Clinical symptoms vary with the different organs affected. Difficulty breathing is usually severe, severe diarrhea, conjunctivitis, paralysis, and death within 2-3 days for many chickens.


Swelling of the tissues around the eyes may be noticed with the presence of sticky eye and nasal secretions, some chickens that live for a longer period of time notice central nervous symptoms such as tremors, head and neck torsion, rotation, paralysis and spasms, and the injury and mortality may reach 100%.


Clinical symptoms in young chicks




Sudden respiratory symptoms may be observed such as difficulty breathing), sneezing, coughing, gargling, nasal secretions and tearing, facial swelling may be observed in some chicks, even very weak strains such as the Vaccine B1 strain may cause such signs in the chicks whose immunity is low


Mesogenic NDV


Sudden occurrence while noticing lethargy and suffering clear and severe respiratory symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, and sharp and strange sounds.


Central symptoms may accompany or follow the respiratory symptoms. Lifting the head to the top. After that, paralysis, resting and death may be observed, and mortals may reach 50%.

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