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How to treat botulism

How to treat botulism treat botulism in home

Treat botulism, contamination of food comes on top of the causes of poisoning, it is the most common, and although it can be cured automatically, there are other more serious cases that require heading to the nearest hospital or poisoning center to avoid complications as much as possible.


What is food poisoning?

Doctors say that food poisoning occurs as a result of eating food contaminated with viruses or bacteria, and food contamination can occur due to poor preservation or repeated heating and exposure to air, noting that sweets containing cream sweets are among the foods that cause more poisoning because they are easy to spoil.


Symptoms of food poisoning

How botulism spreads On the symptoms of food poisoning, the doctor's consultant in poisoning treatment explain that they are similar to the symptoms of gastroenteritis, where the poisoned person suffers from diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and some cases are accompanied by high temperature.


Food poisoning heals automatically within two days, what are botulism spores, but liquids and juices should be consumed, and it is preferable to drink sweetened and salty liquids such as soup, as a kind of first aid that helps relieve symptoms and compensate the body for lost fluids.


Where did botulism come from

Doctors stress the need to go to the nearest hospital or poisoning center in the event of high temperature, or if vomiting is accompanied by bleeding, or the presence of repeated bouts of diarrhea and vomiting, because these severe attacks lead to the loss of fluids and mineral salts in the body and thus the patient can enter into a state of dehydration. Or fainting.


How can you know the incidence of food poisoning?

In many cases, it is not possible to confirm that you actually have food poisoning. This was confirmed by Dr. David Burckhardt, of Indiana University Medical Center in Bloomington.


But the doctors tried hard, to find a way to check for food poisoning and to find out the first cause of the infection.


For example, when do botulism symptoms start if symptoms begin to appear before the end of eating a meal, and you feel stomach discomfort, it would be a good guess to assume that you have a bacterial infection, as a result of eating contaminated food.


But if suddenly all the people who ate from the same place became sick, this indicates the occurrence of food poisoning.


Can botulism be treated with antibiotics

If you become ill or have diarrhea, after eating light foods, you can treat yourself, and wait for the symptoms to go away, and this is what the experts confirmed.


You can lower your body temperature by taking painkillers.


But if your temperature is high, it is recommended to go to the doctor.


You should also avoid dehydration, and drink more fluids. He also recommends taking frequent sips of water, soup, unsweetened soda, or juice diluted with water.


You can also buy dehydration solutions without a prescription. They contain the right mix of sugar, salt, and other nutrients that the body loses in case of diarrhea or vomiting.


On the other hand, sports drinks should be avoided, as they do not contain a proper balance of electrolytes.

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