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How to cure fowl typhoid

How to cure fowl typhoid

How to cure fowl typhoid, the treatment of typhoid disease in pigeons, typhoid disease occurs due to a bacterium called Salmonella tophi. The carriers of the germ also spread the germ of the disease, and these carriers of the disease germs do not show symptoms of typhoid fever, but they carry the germ in their bodies and excrete it with glaucoma.


The original symptoms of typhoid

1 - Not to eat.

2- Shrinking the bird and having a cold.

3- High temperature.

4- Drinking a lot of water because of fever and high temperature.

5- Green or oily diarrhea.

6- Wasting and loosening of the wings, i.e. fluttering and descending the wing to the ground.

7 - The bird falls face-to-face or noon, and is unable to moderate.

8- Extend the neck forward.

9 - Shake or sprinkle.

10 - Vomiting pigeons, blood through the mouth or anus, intestinal bleeding (intestinal bleeding is a warning sign of the possibility of intestinal perforation).

11 - sudden death.


Diseases caused by typhoid for pigeons

  • Pneumonia and sometimes a little swelling of the crystal.
  • Inflammation of the kidneys (blood and pus in the urine).
  • Inflammation of the liver with jaundice (yellowing).
  • Inflammation of the bones (keloids).
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, and optic nerve (cloudiness).
  • Auditory neuritis and sensorineural deafness (disorientation and asthma).
  • Inflammation of the brain.


Treating typhoid in birds

Flaxseed oil is one of the well-known therapeutic oils known by many names, and it is known as hot seed oil and hot oil, and so on. At the same time anything, it treats the sores of the small and large intestine caused by typhoid disease.


how to control fowl typhoid

1- Taking care of the cleanliness of the place of raising the pigeons and taking care of the cleanliness of the place on a weekly basis.

2- Washing drinking utensils daily to prevent diseases such as salmonella and respiratory diseases.

3- Ensure that the bathroom cost is clean and buy it from a reliable source. 4- Take care to provide all the nutrients in the cost of the bathroom and to diversify the grains within the cost of the bathroom.

5- Ensure the provision of staring materials such as crunches, charcoal, and ready mixes, due to their importance, especially during the mating season.

6- Isolate the sick pigeon and deal quickly to contain any diseases such as kink or and salmonella.

7 - Spending the appropriate time with the bathroom with keen observation of the pigeons to identify any pathological symptoms that may appear, such as respiratory diseases, and the individual avoiding eating, shrinking, feathering, etc.

8- Taking care to clean the eyes well, especially after each nest.

9 - Buying crunches in a large quantity, the cost of which will not exceed 80 pounds, weight exceeding 100 kilograms for the Shakira, in addition, to live lime and charcoal, noting that these components are available at the sellers and dealers of cost and yield.

10 - You must learn the injection in order to be able to treat severe disease cases directly.

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