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How to control poultry mites

control poultry mites How to control poultry mites

Control poultry mites, parasitic insects often become a problem in farms of various sizes: chicken lice are one of them. Their appearance and active reproduction strongly affect productivity, as well as the most serious damage. Therefore, the bird needs treatment, and the sooner it starts, the better. This article will be useful for those who want to learn how to get rid of chicken lice in the chicken coop?


Where do poultry mites come from

There are many factors that increase the likelihood that parasites will appear. of between it:

  • Unsanitary conditions.
  • Rare cleaning out of a barn.
  • Do not address buildings and sites.
  • Rare searches.


What do poultry mites look like

But even if you have chickens in the right conditions, the appearance of lice still occurs. Every mistake is in contact with birds and other animals, such as sparrows, pigeons, and mice. In addition, chicken lice and fleas constantly migrate, trying all living things to taste.


Can poultry mites live on humans

Do poultry mites bite humans Chicken lice live on a person for a short period, and the truth is that chicken lice are different from humans. She can not bite people's skin, which means a lack of nutrition. Parasites live and reproduce where there is food. Thus, chicken lice in humans do not persist for long and are aware of the futility of food attempts.


But there is also bad news: These insects are carriers of a large number of diseases. People get sick with them when they eat poultry. In addition, any skin scratches and lesions impair the protective function of the skin, and parasites can taste the blood. In these cases, the person becomes infected directly. To solve this problem, it is enough to cover the damage with a bandage or bandage.


Chicken lice are very easy to remove from humans. You need a shower or bath, and only after that comb the insects. In most cases, one of these measures will suffice.


What do chicken parasites look like?

The easiest way to display this type of parasite in the photo. To characterize the insect it is possible: a spotted small body, ranging in size from 1 to 2 millimeters. Small antennae and huge jaw (for size), stubborn paws; Externally a bit like a spider. Color - dark brown with a transparent edge. Now we know what chicken lice look like, but they aren't the only insects that live on a chicken's body.


The presence of parasites on the body of a bird in veterinary medicine is called the moai. In people from chicken lice and fleas, they are called simply - puhoedy, ready or puhopeedyody. On the territory of the CIS countries, there is a huge number of types of newspapers, most of which feed on feathers, down, peeling skin, and secretions from affected skin areas, but there are types of bloodsucking.


Signs of a bird infection

Symptoms of fever can be detected in the most common observation. If it arose, it is necessary to examine each person, and not to dwell on the selection of several birds. The list of the main signs of the laxative is the following.


  1. On the body of a chicken or any other bird, the exposed areas appear.
  2. The bird behaves tirelessly, constantly tense.
  3. Chicken itch, try to calm the strong itch.
  4. The appetite is gone.
  5. Lower productivity and reduced weight.
  6. Deaths are increasing, especially among young newly hatched chickens.
  7. Some individuals densely retract their feathers, giving the parasites more room for food.
  8. If chicken lice are hidden, then other types of parasites, such as fleas, are chosen, as opposed to open areas of the body: beak, eyes, claws.


How to eradicate poultry mites

The problem for farm owners is not new. Many of them have already used recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. Chicken lice can be eliminated, but it is better to apply several methods at the same time, which greatly increases the chances of completely eliminating the parasites.


How to treat poultry mites


Kerosene, and its applications

Lice appeared in chickens - how do we get rid of it with kerosene? This substance is a very powerful weapon, but it must be used wisely. For rubbing into the feathers, both pure kerosene and its mixtures with ammonia and benzene are used. This is a good option for room treatment.



The smell of vinegar is simply unbearable for mixes, but it cannot be used in its pure form - the probability of burns is high. The recipe is simple: dilute 9% vinegar with two parts of water. In the solution, you can add a little kerosene - not more than ¼.



The answer to the question, which oils can be applied, is simple - they are all effective, but the main thing is that they are also safe. Essential oils (the best alternative), vegetable oils, and synthetic scrub formulas are used.

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