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Cow Breeding

breeding Cow

Cow Breeding

 Cow Breeding

The cow is considered the second suitable animal for breeding after poultry. They provide the most favourite animal protein: beef and milk. The cow breeding became a great profitable project, and turned into a great business sector.


How to start your project of cow breeding?

There are some steps to start your project of cow breeding:

●    Choosing the most milk productive strain

There many cow strains around the world. Each strain is characterized by the milk productivity. For example, the American and Australian cows are the best strains in milk production. Also the canadian and german cows are highly milk productive. So, choose a good strain to start your project. And remember, the high milk productive strain, the more expensive in cost.

●    Preparing of cowshed

After choosing the suitable favourite strain, begin to prepare a place for them to stay. This place should be large enough, and provided with moderate weather and enough ventilation. The perfect cowshed temperature is ranging between 3 (min) and 23 (max) degrees on Celsius temperature scale.

The conditioning of ambient temperature affects the appetite of the cows, and their milk productivity is also affected. The new born calfs should have a special place of moderate temperature. If the summer season comes with high temperature, that will reduce the ability of milk production, it is recommended to provide the cowshed with air conditioner.

The cowshed should be cleaned regularly to remove cows excremental secretions, which may cause bacterial infection. Also the air should be sterilized to keep cows breathing fresh air, and prevent viral infection.

●    Serving of high quality feeds

The cow feed is an important matter, because it directly affects cow milk productivity. The thing that should be considered is the high costs of cow feeds. So, try to choose high quality feeds, which are rich in nutritions. The feeds should be stored in moderate temperature and dry condition. This will save the feeds for a long time. Make sure the feeds are sterilized well, to hinder the bacterial and fungal infection. 

●    Using of cow breeding expert

In a cow breeding project, you need the help of an expert. He will help you to discover any sick cows, watch the appetite level of the cows, and also monitor the milk productivity. All these tasks need an expert. Keep in mind, the expert should be an expert in cow medical care. So, he can describe the best treatment method for sick cows.


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