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Common poultry diseases and their treatment

Common poultry Common poultry diseases treatment

Common poultry diseases and their treatment, all poultry are exposed during their rearing period to infection with many infectious and dangerous diseases, which occur suddenly without introductions.


1- Newcastle disease or influenza


It is the most destructive and deadly disease of chickens, as bird flu is highly contagious and can kill all chickens in the barn without exception, and even if some hens survive, they suffer from other complications that affect their productivity.


  • High temperatures.
  • Loss of appetite and extreme thirst.
  • Feathered.
  • Respiratory and nervous system imbalances with muscle twitching.
  • We notice secretions at the level of the mouth in some cases.
  • Significant decrease in egg production or egg production without shell or small shell.


Treating chicken flu

In fact, there is no effective treatment for the disease, as it is advised to burn chickens infected with Newcastle disease in order not to transmit the infection and get rid of the virus that causes the disease.


2- White or salmonella diarrhea


It is the bacteria most prevalent in small chicks, as this organism can survive and be transmitted between chickens for a long time in the outside world, especially in the case of a wet bed inside the chicken coop.


  • The disease affects chicks in the first two weeks after hatching significantly.
  • Note that the chicks refrain from eating.
  • The chicks gather under the fireplace.
  • Lethargy and lack of movement.
  • Wings drooping and feathered out.
  • White diarrhea
  • Chicks contract and die afterward.


Salmonella treatment and prevention

A feed containing salmonella antagonists should be provided for the benefit of the chickens after hatching, and a set of measures must be taken into account, such as not raising different types of birds in one barn, cleaning the eggshells, and not hatching dirty eggs.


3-Coccidiosis in chickens


It is one of the parasitic diseases that parasitize the intestines of chickens, causing losses in chicken growth, delays in selling, and death at other times.


  • The decrease in the vitality of chickens.
  • It affects chicks at the age of 3 weeks.
  • The disease can lead to interference of the head in the body.
  • Anorexia.
  • The decrease in egg production in adult birds.


Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis

There are anti-coccidiosis that can be used in cases of infection, and prevention of the disease remains the best treatment, as the chicken bed must be changed constantly and not to raise different types of birds and different ages in one place in the barn.


4- Chicken cold diseases


It is a disease that is not dangerous if it is quickly intervened to treat it, as it is known for its clear symptoms that the disease can be identified based on. Among the most important symptoms of the disease are the following:


  • Rapid breathing.
  • We notice clogged chicken eyes.
  • Runny nose.


How to treat colds in birds

It can be treated with antibiotics that the veterinarian will give you, and tea and thyme can be used as a traditional complementary treatment for cold diseases, but it cannot be limited to it alone as a final treatment. It is also advised to isolate cases of the disease in chickens alone if possible.

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