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African swine fever

African swine fever what is African swine fever

African swine fever, the presence and spread of any virus or disease within China has become a source of fear and fear in the world, after the Coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan last December, and turned into an epidemic and a pandemic threatening various countries.


China has confirmed two cases of African swine fever in two regions, the first case in Gansu Province, and the other in Shaanxi Province, with the death of about 42 pigs in them, amid fears of an outbreak of this disease.


African swine fever spread to regions outside Africa, in Europe and the Americas, in the 1960.


It is a virus characterized by its high ability to survive for long periods in extremely cold and extremely hot weather, and in a very short time, it leads to the destruction and death of pig organs.


African swine fever is a transient disease.


For borders and it can spread on a wide international scale and no vaccine is available to control it, so this virus leads to the death of infected animals by 100%.


It is also considered a type of swine virus only and affects pigs only, and it is not transmitted from animal to human, and there is no similarity between it and the emerging coronavirus.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations "FAO", China is one of the main countries in the export of pigs and owns more than half of the pigs in the world.


This is not the first time that African swine fever infections have been recorded in China, where it has previously encountered this virus.


7 Information on African Swine Fever:


1- It is a family of viruses, and from its name it primarily infects pigs, and there are several types of them, some of which are capable of infecting humans.


2- This is not the first time that China has announced such infections, in 2018, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published a report entitled: An outbreak of African swine fever threatens to spread from China to other Asian countries.


3- It is a strong virus with a long life cycle, as the African Swine Fever virus is characterized by its high endurance and ability to withstand for long periods in very cold and very hot weather, even in dried or processed pork products.


4- There is no effective vaccine to protect pigs from disease, and although it does not pose a direct threat to human health, the consequences of its spread can be devastating and deadly and lead to the death of 100% infected animals.


5- China is one of the main countries in the export of pigs and owns about half of the pigs in the world, which are estimated at 500 million pigs, according to statistics in 2018.


6- This is not the first time that the spread of African Swine Fever has been discovered in regions outside of Africa, as it had previously spread to Europe and the Americas during 1960.


7- The FAO had warned in the 2018 study that the rapid spread of African swine fever disease in China, and its presence in areas in the country that are more than a thousand kilometers from each other, indicates the possibility of this deadly virus spreading in more Asian countries at any time.

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